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World Wednesday: State String Art


Head over to CraftGawker to take a look at this cool craft!



Father’s Day Round-Up


Here are some cute Father’s Day gifts from around the internet! 🙂

Here‘s a cute gift found via CraftGossip.

Pinned Image

This is a cute idea! Would also be cute if you have 3 kids. Or if you have more kids, just put more than one kid per letter (or spell father, or…I’m sure you can figure something out :)) You could also alter this for other occasions/words. Found via Pinterest.

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I can’t seem to find the original post for this cute idea that I found on Pinterest, but it looks like the remote’s actually a cookie! I thought it was adorable even when I thought it was the regular remote with a tag. 🙂


This precious car wash kit idea and 10 others (including the pictures above that spell “DAD”) can be found here.


Image for Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder  DIY Craft Project

And finally, here‘s a pencil holder from CraftBits. I wonder if you could use a toilet paper with something on the bottom…

Enjoy and have a happy Father’s Day! If you have any Father’s Day craft ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments!


DIY Flower Hair Clip



Supplies: fake flowers, snap hair clip (great use for one that was decorated but came apart), glue (I used hot glue), something for the middle (I used a gem-type decoration).

1. take flowers off of stems

2. glue a flower to clip

3. keep stacking flowers on….if you wish

4. glue on embellishment

5. let cool and/or dry, pull off any hot glue spiderwebs (if necessary) & wear!



Tips for Productive Crafting


Found this post privately published on my blog….so here it is 🙂

People talk about the journey, the process, etc. I’m generally anxious for the end result. In this post I’m gonna throw out some ideas that might or might not work…I guess kinda blog brainstorming 🙂

Some ideas about crafting:
-If you get hungry, EAT! I often get grouchy when I’m hungry. Do you?
-If you’re stumped on a project, take a break or move to a different project. You can go back to it later-gator.
-Sketch out your idea first.
-Don’t sketch out your idea first and just wing it!
-Know where yout supplies are.

Here are some cool tips abd the blog post that inspired this post! Now, if I’ll only follow the advice from myself and from the linked post…

Let me know what works for you! These are just some ideas thayt I thought of but haven’t necessarily (did I spell that right?) tried.

Have a lovely day!

Guy vs Gal


Remember how I said I lost a blog post? Well, here’s the new version. 🙂

Products marketed toward women tend to be more expensive than those marketed toward men…even if it’s the same thing. Have you ever noticed that?

Check out these ideas (as usual, use at your own risk).
If you use acerone to remove nail polish, compare prices of acetone from the nail polish aisle and prices of the acetone with the regular paint (it’s somewhere over in the “guy” section…lol).
Craft store tools vs tools from the hardware store
Paintbrushes from craft aisle vs from the hardware store.

And here’s a cool idea from A Pair and a Spare. She’s got some other nifty ideas using hardware-ish things too!

I enjoy browsing craft stores (especially with coupons and/or great sales), but it’s really cool to discover that you cqn get the same or similar things for a smaller price if you’re willing to research a little and shop at “manly” stores. 🙂

What kind of products or tools have you used that were marketed with a different use in mind or to a different “type” of person?