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Magazine Journallette


Which one is your favorite?


Had to show the back of this one. I like it better than the front. 🙂

1. Cut magazine pages (or chosen page material(s)) to size.
2. Fold (if applicable).
3. Staple.
4. Cover stapled edge with tape or paper (optional).
5. Decorate (optional).

Find more inspiration here and here.

Have you ever made a mini journal or something similar? I’d love to see pics. 🙂


DIY Flower Hair Clip



Supplies: fake flowers, snap hair clip (great use for one that was decorated but came apart), glue (I used hot glue), something for the middle (I used a gem-type decoration).

1. take flowers off of stems

2. glue a flower to clip

3. keep stacking flowers on….if you wish

4. glue on embellishment

5. let cool and/or dry, pull off any hot glue spiderwebs (if necessary) & wear!



Screen protectors


I just made my own iPod Touch screen protector out of clear contact paper! It’s not perfect, but I’m diggin’ it.
Trace. Cut. Punch/cut holes for button and camera. Apply. 🙂
It’s a bit cloudy, but I think I’ll get used to it. It probably depends on the contact paper also. It’ll probably need replaced after awhile, but who cares! It’s not that expensive (or even too difficult) to DIY.
Sometimes the purchased ones come with a squeegee-type thing. I’m thinking you could maybe use a regular rubber eraser as a squeegee.
Let me know if you try this out!

EDIT: I just realized that the title said “protecors” instead of “protectors.” No need to worry, I fixed it 🙂