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Pumpkin Round Up


Long time no blog!

I wanted to post a fall/Halloween round up and decided today’s would be focused on pumpkins since I recently read about this contest on A Beautiful Mess.

Here are some pumpkin projects I had on my Pinterest.


Flower pumpkins. I imagine you could also hot glue fake flowers onto fake pumpkins.

cat pumpkin
Cute kitty pumpkins. You could do these with fake pumpkins too.
 Pinned Image
I didn’t find this pretty pumpkin on the tumblr it’s linked to 😦
Here’s another sparkly pumpkin. Looks like it’s originally from
Better Homes and Gardens (which has some other pumpkin ideas too!), but check out The Crafted Sparrow for another pumpkin roundup.
Do you have any great ideas for decorating pumpkins? Be sure to leave them in the comments!

Back to School Roundup


Enjoy these crafts!

Find these cute pretzel pencils on Craft Gossip.

This pencil pouch is also on Craft Gossip.

Craft Gossip also has a link for dressing up your erasers.

Here‘s a crayon wreath.

These are cute…just leave off the valentine part for a cute back to school teacher present.

Do you have any fun back to school projects?


World Wednesday: Happy 4th of July!


For this World Wednesday, I’m linking to some patriotic products found on Etsy. 🙂

Find a cute flower hair clip here.

You can also get these in different colored thread.

This is a clever wreath.

Don’t forget about your pup! This collar is rather girly with its cute ruffle.

Here‘s a more manly option for your pup. 🙂

You can keep your kitty festive with this collar.

And to finish this post up, here‘s a nifty print of the American flag.

Have a fabulous 4th of July!


Father’s Day Round-Up


Here are some cute Father’s Day gifts from around the internet! 🙂

Here‘s a cute gift found via CraftGossip.

Pinned Image

This is a cute idea! Would also be cute if you have 3 kids. Or if you have more kids, just put more than one kid per letter (or spell father, or…I’m sure you can figure something out :)) You could also alter this for other occasions/words. Found via Pinterest.

Pinned Image

I can’t seem to find the original post for this cute idea that I found on Pinterest, but it looks like the remote’s actually a cookie! I thought it was adorable even when I thought it was the regular remote with a tag. 🙂


This precious car wash kit idea and 10 others (including the pictures above that spell “DAD”) can be found here.


Image for Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder  DIY Craft Project

And finally, here‘s a pencil holder from CraftBits. I wonder if you could use a toilet paper with something on the bottom…

Enjoy and have a happy Father’s Day! If you have any Father’s Day craft ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments!


Happy Pack Rat Day!


Mental Floss tweeted that today is National Pack Rat Day. To celebrate, here are some projects to help you clean out your stash 🙂

Fabric Scraps:





Floss-Bobbin Magnets (great for old thread)

Cassette Tape Business Card Holder


What do you do to use of scraps (paper, fabric, anything)? Do you have trouble throwing things away? I think a lot of crafters/artsy people do (including me!).

Happy Pack Rat Day!




Mother’s Day Round Up


5 links to quite a few DIY-able Mother’s Day gifts….

1. 5 Kid-Friendly (& cute!) Crafts can be found on Come Together Kids.

2. A cute card idea (& great way to use up little fabric scraps) is on A Beautiful Mess.

3. Another cool-looking card can be found through Craft Gossip.

4. You could make a coffee cozy from or inspired by one of the many tutorials on Tipnut.

5. A useful gift could be some homemade laundry detergent. You can get some instructions from TLC. (Although I’ve made some from shredded Zote and hot water — maybe some borax too, but I don’t think so — and it seems to work fine without all the extra steps and products. But as usual, do this at your own risk.)

Do you have any Mother’s Day gift ideas?



Blog Round Up


I was perusing through an issue of Artful Blogging (didn’t write down the issue, but found out via this blog that it’s the Spring 2012 issue) at Barnes & Noble and had to make a note of some (probably most) of the featured blogs. I glanced at these blogs, but would like gander at them a little more 🙂

The pics are from the blogs. Click on each pic to be taken to the post or site.

Here’s a list: various this and that. Crafts, etc. I think this is a cool idea are these are so cute.

[IMG_9657_thumb6.jpg] quilts! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a quilt…yet(?), but they’re still fun to look at and think about.

project life| week 9 scrapbook-type stuff. More of these!

CristinaAshleyDesigns this and that. This post caught my eye. some cool photos.

Specs and Wings art-type stuff.

Photobucket more this and that. This project is cute!

Enjoy these blogs!