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Guy vs Gal


Remember how I said I lost a blog post? Well, here’s the new version. 🙂

Products marketed toward women tend to be more expensive than those marketed toward men…even if it’s the same thing. Have you ever noticed that?

Check out these ideas (as usual, use at your own risk).
If you use acerone to remove nail polish, compare prices of acetone from the nail polish aisle and prices of the acetone with the regular paint (it’s somewhere over in the “guy” section…lol).
Craft store tools vs tools from the hardware store
Paintbrushes from craft aisle vs from the hardware store.

And here’s a cool idea from A Pair and a Spare. She’s got some other nifty ideas using hardware-ish things too!

I enjoy browsing craft stores (especially with coupons and/or great sales), but it’s really cool to discover that you cqn get the same or similar things for a smaller price if you’re willing to research a little and shop at “manly” stores. 🙂

What kind of products or tools have you used that were marketed with a different use in mind or to a different “type” of person?