Cinco de Mayo Roundup


This is a bit last minute since Cinco de Mayo is mañana, but here’s a roundup (btw, is it roundup, round up or round-up?).

Cinco de Mayo pinata sugar cookies

These piñata cookies that I found via not martha are so cute!

More cute cookies, this time found via Craft Gossip.

And how clever are these chicken enchilada cupcakes? Also found via Craft Gossip.

And finally a non-edible project here. These would also be cute just as decorations without making them into finger puppets. Found this through Craft Gossip also.

You could discuss the Bible story of the talking burro. Even though it’s not Mexican, the burro theme just fits so well! Some other things you might want to talk about with kids and/or students: Mexico, Counting in Spanish, the months in Spanish, the history of Cinco de Mayo, the colors of the Mexican flag.

Do you have any ideas and/or traditions for Cinco de Mayo?



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