Blog Round Up


I was perusing through an issue of Artful Blogging (didn’t write down the issue, but found out via this blog that it’s the Spring 2012 issue) at Barnes & Noble and had to make a note of some (probably most) of the featured blogs. I glanced at these blogs, but would like gander at them a little more 🙂

The pics are from the blogs. Click on each pic to be taken to the post or site.

Here’s a list: various this and that. Crafts, etc. I think this is a cool idea are these are so cute.

[IMG_9657_thumb6.jpg] quilts! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a quilt…yet(?), but they’re still fun to look at and think about.

project life| week 9 scrapbook-type stuff. More of these!

CristinaAshleyDesigns this and that. This post caught my eye. some cool photos.

Specs and Wings art-type stuff.

Photobucket more this and that. This project is cute!

Enjoy these blogs!



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