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Music Monday: Dingue, Dingue, DIngue


This vid kinda makes me wanna wear a fun outfit with a tutu πŸ™‚ It’s a catchy song, too!


Easter Round Up


Some Easter ideas found via Pinterest

all crafts Peeps: 12 Marshmallow Peep Recipes & Decor!

There are soooo many cute ideas here!

Here are some ideas of alternative Easter egg fillers. There’s an idea to put seeds in Easter eggs. Wouldn’t it be cool to plant (or at least start) them in the Easter egg?

This cute little thing would be cute made from an unpainted gray egg carton too!

Are these candle holders adorbs? Yes, I just used adorbs πŸ™‚ These could be cute to do after Easter with the plastic eggs used that year. You could maybe collage over them and/or cover them with fabric. I bet ModPodge would work.

Directions for growing grass for your Easter basket(s). This is probably a lot safer if you have pets or kids that like to eat thing.Β (almost definitely, but I don’t recommend eating it. If you or anyone you know eats it and gets sick/injured/whatever, it’s not my fault….) You can also just dump it in the yard after Easter. I’d say it’s more eco-friendly than plastic Easter grass too! πŸ™‚

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This cute egg doesn’t seem like it’s as hard to make as it looks.

eggs to crack

I like the decoration on these. Cute!

I accidentally found these after I logged out of Pinterest. Adorable, right?

Have a fabulous Easter! Let me know if you try any of these. Or any other cool Easter ideas you have!


Congrats To A Beautiful Mess!


One of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, was voted best DIY blog of 2012! Congrats to Elsie, Suki, Dolly and all of the contributersΒ (including Emma, Rachel, Katie, Kinsey & Amanda)Β at A Beautiful Mess!

Check out this awesome blog! What’s your fave blog?