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World Wednesday: Google Translate


Do you know about Google Translate? It’s quite useful. As with any computer translator, it won’t be 100% accurate (don’t just type stuff in and think you’ll sound like a fluent speaker with the results); however, it can really help get the idea of the sentence or word.


World Wednesday: Babbel


Babbel has free iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for learning several languages as well as using it on traditional computers/laptops. It recommends that you have an account with them, but it’s not required in order to use it. From what I’ve used, it seems pretty cool. Not sure what I think of the name, with the Tower of Babbel and all, since the people who built the tower weren’t the best examples, but I guess that is where different languages originated. Just my little side note. πŸ™‚

Have you used Babbel? Has it helped you with language-learning? What do you think of the name?


70s shirt redo


Cute material, eh? The print really grew on me.
I got this shirt as a hand-me-over and decided to change it a little. I assume it’s from the 1970s or sometime around then because it had one of those long 70s collars and it’s polyester-ish πŸ™‚

I just took the collar off with a seam ripper and finished it with ribbon.

I might decide to shorten the sleeves. We’ll see if I wear it πŸ™‚
Let me know if you try something like this or have any questions!