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Music Monday: The One That Got Away


In my last Music Monday, I mentioned Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away, so in this post I think I’ll post about that song. I like how it plays Johnny Cash at the end (I think it’s Johnny Cash…but maybe it’s just Johnny Cash-esque). I think the painting of her is kinda cute too. I also like her pink ballet-ish outfit and her beehive-type hairdo. 🙂

This post doesn’t mean that I approve of all of Katy Perry’s decisions, etc. This song is pretty clean and her songs are so catchy! I love that she embraces her quirkiness, especially in fashion. I wish more of her singles, videos and outfits were more family-friendly.

What do you think of this song and video? What do you think of it morally? Musically? In general?

Have a great week!


Music Monday: If I Were A Carpenter


I was reminded of this song when I watched the video for Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away (which is pretty sad….as in a tear-jerker). I think the first time I heard If I Were A Carpenter was on a rerun of The Lawrence Welk Show on PBS and Guy and Ralna sang it.