Tips for Productive Crafting


Found this post privately published on my blog….so here it is 🙂

People talk about the journey, the process, etc. I’m generally anxious for the end result. In this post I’m gonna throw out some ideas that might or might not work…I guess kinda blog brainstorming 🙂

Some ideas about crafting:
-If you get hungry, EAT! I often get grouchy when I’m hungry. Do you?
-If you’re stumped on a project, take a break or move to a different project. You can go back to it later-gator.
-Sketch out your idea first.
-Don’t sketch out your idea first and just wing it!
-Know where yout supplies are.

Here are some cool tips abd the blog post that inspired this post! Now, if I’ll only follow the advice from myself and from the linked post…

Let me know what works for you! These are just some ideas thayt I thought of but haven’t necessarily (did I spell that right?) tried.

Have a lovely day!


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